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My Little Pony meets John the Balladeer

It's no lie, and right here it is!

My Little Balladeer.

And here's the blurb for it.

The Elements of Harmony find themselves facing an old evil united with one from beyond their world entirely, bringing magic so alien that Equestrian magic cannot defend against it. Yet, long ago, when the Elements existed in a different form, they summoned aid from beyond the world to defeat a similar threat from beyond. Out of desperation, today's Elements repeat that ancient summoning, and they get – a hillbilly with a silver-strung guitar?

This is what I've been working on since late December last year, and I do hope some of you here will enjoy it and maybe even spread the word. The story isn't complete as-is; I have got the whole thing saved and stored and I'll be posting it at a rate of roughly three chapters every few days so people can catch up.

I doubt it'll be another Past Sins or Pony POV or even *shudder* Cupcakes, but I hope it's enjoyed.

Best all, and if you do happen to like what you see, please let me know!

EDIT: I've managed a few more stories since this one; hopefully some folks are still around and willing to read them!

Wolf in Pony's Clothing. Basically my own take on a few hundred old-school Warner Brothers cartoons, you can probably guess which ones, along with some more information on the Changelings from the end of season 2 of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.

Here's the blurb:Ardi was a young wolf -- not a Diamond Dog -- from the forests outside Stalliongrad stealthily wandering Equestria. Until the day he ripped off a dragon's hoard in the Everfree, got chased into Ponyville, and ended up stuck inside of a enchanted ponysuit.

With only one painfully-shy Pegasus, three little fillies, and a blackmailing baby dragon to cover for him, how long can a wolf hide out in a town full of crazy ponies intent on turning him into a wolfskin rug? Especially when he's forced to pose as not only a well-known local pony, but as one of the Elements of Harmony?

And when fear of Changelings is also ahoof in Equestria?

Manehattan Madness is a sequel to Wolf in Pony's Clothing. In it, Rarity finally gets her shot at the big time in the Manehattan Spring Fashion Show. All she needs are some ponies to model her outfits, so who better than two of her friends -- and a shapeshifted Queen Vespid, who happens to have some hidden goals, and enemies, all her own?

The blurb reads: Manehattan's Spring Fashion Show, second only to Fashion Week in the fall. And this spring, Carousel Boutique of Ponyville will be there for the first time, with three in-house models on the runway: A pegasus supermodel who disappeared two years ago, a farmpony who can fake being a Manehattanite -- and a Changeling Queen working undercover for Princess Celestia.

Add the lead mare and stallion of Canterlot's Smart Set and two griffins -- one a jealous supermodel, the other a Bridleway star with a secret -- and what could possibly go wrong?

A sequel to Wolf in Pony's Clothing, taking place two to three months after the events of that story.

I also wrote something a bit more -- unusual, here: Tales from Equestria: A Night at the Fights. In which Twilight Sparkle discovers the terrifying, hidden, bloodthirsty depths that can be found lurking within the hearts of even the most civilized and gentle of ponies -- when Fluttershy takes her to watch a live wrestling show.

And on a slightly darker note, there's Diamond Tiara versus the Changeling Invasion. Basically it's 'My Little Pony' meets the original 1950's 'Invaders from Mars'; Diamond Tiara, Ponyville Elementary's nastiest little bully, learns that monsters have taken over Ponyville -- and she's going to save her mother, no matter what.

There will be more in the future, hopefully including non-pony work (I got nothing against it, but I'd like to write something I'll be paid for). Best all!
Happy woof!

Book Review: In Humor Most Odd; or, if you want some laughs today check this out

I'm posting this review here simply because I think this book is worth all the attention it can get.

In Humor Most Odd is a collection of over a dozen comic stories by Alan Loewen, a writer better known for his fantasy and horror works. This set proves he has the literary chops to provide laughs as well as shudders and gasps of awe.Collapse )
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Some very sad news about Stan Sakai

I'm posting this here mainly because I know some folks reading this are old-school furries (as in the days of Critters, Erma Felna EDF, and the original Xanadu) who have probably read and enjoyed the works of Stan Sakai. I know I have.

He's been hit very hard of late. His wife is seriously ill, and just a day or so ago according to Mel White on FA his infant son died.

All I ask is that if you have any good thoughts or prayers please include him and his family in them.

Take care all.

EDIT: And if you should have the ability to give even a little help, then here's a link for it: http://garageartstudio.blogspot.com/2013/11/help-stan-sakai.html
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Asking for the sake of a friend

A fellow I know of DeviantArt by the name of Alex Warlorn who has been writing some very involved MLP:FiM fanfics has asked me if I know anyone willing to do a sketch for him of three characters from his story. I told him that I couldn't seeing as how feeble my own skills at drawing are, but that I'd ask for him.

So if anyone here is willing and has the time to do a (probably) free pencil sketch of three characters, please either let Alex Warlorn know at the link or tell me and I'll forward it to him. I know, I rather doubt anyone reading this is willing to give their work away, but I told him I'd ask.

Link here: http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/
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I got one of my Christmas gifts early

Here it is. I have finally made it into the ranks of 'real' writers. I have a Tv Tropes entry. :D


This is for that Manly Wade Wellman/My Little Pony Friendship is Magic crossover 'My Little Balladeer' from last year. You can get most anything you need about the story from the link (Tv Tropes seems to have become the Cliff's Notes of fanfic), or of course you can read the story proper, which won't hurt my feelings at all.

Thank you so very much for this, Jordan1179!
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Computer repair questions

Not for me, but for my sister. Every time she turns her machine on she gets the BSOD and nothing else. She's going to be taking it in to Staples after the holidays, and is going to be very officially Not Happy until then.

The thing is, her computer is an Acer purchased at Walmart (where she works) and I've heard they're not the best. Might it be better to advise her to just bite the bullet and get a new computer, period?

And are there any better places than Staples to go for repairs?

Thanks for any help.
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Desolation of Smaug: this explains something about Thranduil (warning, some spoilers)

Namely, why he didn't help the dwarves of Erebor when he arrived with his army (and why the heck did he just happen to have his entire army with him when he reached Erebor?) and saw Smaug rather casually wading through everything they threw in his way.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

In the new movie, at one point Thorin gives Thranduil hell for not helping on that long-ago day. Thranduil replies that 'Nothing could have helped'. Thorin angrily responds that 'You don't know that, what do you know about dragons?'

And Thranduil responds, his glamour fading, "I know more about dragons and their fire than YOU ever will!"

Also, if you ever get a chance to look at the art book for the movie, do so. The pictures they ave of Thranduil make him look both magnificent and frightening. You get the idea that this is what Sauron might have looked like once. It's hard to describe. On one level, he looks mostly human in the picture and yet at the same time you know this this is something completely inhuman.

They also have the joking mention that Azog is one of the original orcs of Morgoth (which makes him, what, over 5000 years old?) and that 'orc teenagers probably have posters of this guy on their wall, ripping the heads off of dwarves and elves'. So... orc kids are death metal fans?
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Sequel to 'It's A Wonderful Life' in the works

No kidding, and right here it is: Fans outraged by plans for a sequel to 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

But not to worry! The people behind it have assured us that they will treat this work with all the respect modern Hollywood always shows the classics. Which means there ought to be just either a shoot-out or sex scene in it, and not one of each.

Hey, that worked great for the sequel to 'A Christmas Story' which involved a tightfist Jew (who is a miser because he's a Jew -- seriously, they did that) and Ralphie's quest to get a car so his girlfriend will shag him.

Between this and the horrid take on '47 Ronin' featuring dragons and sorcery (fantasy is big right now!) and starring Keanu 'fans say better than Toshiro Mifune*' Reeves (because who'd watch a movie without a name actor in the starring role?), I think I'll be missing most films aside from the Hobbit 2 this holiday season.

* -- Every time someone says this, 'Twirling' Toshiro hits 3200 rpm.