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Some very sad news about Stan Sakai
Ardashir Eyecon
I'm posting this here mainly because I know some folks reading this are old-school furries (as in the days of Critters, Erma Felna EDF, and the original Xanadu) who have probably read and enjoyed the works of Stan Sakai. I know I have.

He's been hit very hard of late. His wife is seriously ill, and just a day or so ago according to Mel White on FA his infant son died.

All I ask is that if you have any good thoughts or prayers please include him and his family in them.

Take care all.

EDIT: And if you should have the ability to give even a little help, then here's a link for it:

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It most certainly is. There's more details on Mel White's latest FurAffinity journal if you want them.

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