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Sequel to 'It's A Wonderful Life' in the works
Happy woof!
No kidding, and right here it is: Fans outraged by plans for a sequel to 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

But not to worry! The people behind it have assured us that they will treat this work with all the respect modern Hollywood always shows the classics. Which means there ought to be just either a shoot-out or sex scene in it, and not one of each.

Hey, that worked great for the sequel to 'A Christmas Story' which involved a tightfist Jew (who is a miser because he's a Jew -- seriously, they did that) and Ralphie's quest to get a car so his girlfriend will shag him.

Between this and the horrid take on '47 Ronin' featuring dragons and sorcery (fantasy is big right now!) and starring Keanu 'fans say better than Toshiro Mifune*' Reeves (because who'd watch a movie without a name actor in the starring role?), I think I'll be missing most films aside from the Hobbit 2 this holiday season.

* -- Every time someone says this, 'Twirling' Toshiro hits 3200 rpm.


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