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[sticky post]My Little Pony meets John the Balladeer
Our Mare of Night and Darkness
It's no lie, and right here it is!

My Little Balladeer.

And here's the blurb for it.

The Elements of Harmony find themselves facing an old evil united with one from beyond their world entirely, bringing magic so alien that Equestrian magic cannot defend against it. Yet, long ago, when the Elements existed in a different form, they summoned aid from beyond the world to defeat a similar threat from beyond. Out of desperation, today's Elements repeat that ancient summoning, and they get – a hillbilly with a silver-strung guitar?

This is what I've been working on since late December last year, and I do hope some of you here will enjoy it and maybe even spread the word. The story isn't complete as-is; I have got the whole thing saved and stored and I'll be posting it at a rate of roughly three chapters every few days so people can catch up.

I doubt it'll be another Past Sins or Pony POV or even *shudder* Cupcakes, but I hope it's enjoyed.

Best all, and if you do happen to like what you see, please let me know!

EDIT: I've managed a few more stories since this one; hopefully some folks are still around and willing to read them!

Wolf in Pony's Clothing. Basically my own take on a few hundred old-school Warner Brothers cartoons, you can probably guess which ones, along with some more information on the Changelings from the end of season 2 of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.

Here's the blurb:Ardi was a young wolf -- not a Diamond Dog -- from the forests outside Stalliongrad stealthily wandering Equestria. Until the day he ripped off a dragon's hoard in the Everfree, got chased into Ponyville, and ended up stuck inside of a enchanted ponysuit.

With only one painfully-shy Pegasus, three little fillies, and a blackmailing baby dragon to cover for him, how long can a wolf hide out in a town full of crazy ponies intent on turning him into a wolfskin rug? Especially when he's forced to pose as not only a well-known local pony, but as one of the Elements of Harmony?

And when fear of Changelings is also ahoof in Equestria?

Manehattan Madness is a sequel to Wolf in Pony's Clothing. In it, Rarity finally gets her shot at the big time in the Manehattan Spring Fashion Show. All she needs are some ponies to model her outfits, so who better than two of her friends -- and a shapeshifted Queen Vespid, who happens to have some hidden goals, and enemies, all her own?

The blurb reads: Manehattan's Spring Fashion Show, second only to Fashion Week in the fall. And this spring, Carousel Boutique of Ponyville will be there for the first time, with three in-house models on the runway: A pegasus supermodel who disappeared two years ago, a farmpony who can fake being a Manehattanite -- and a Changeling Queen working undercover for Princess Celestia.

Add the lead mare and stallion of Canterlot's Smart Set and two griffins -- one a jealous supermodel, the other a Bridleway star with a secret -- and what could possibly go wrong?

A sequel to Wolf in Pony's Clothing, taking place two to three months after the events of that story.

I also wrote something a bit more -- unusual, here: Tales from Equestria: A Night at the Fights. In which Twilight Sparkle discovers the terrifying, hidden, bloodthirsty depths that can be found lurking within the hearts of even the most civilized and gentle of ponies -- when Fluttershy takes her to watch a live wrestling show.

And on a slightly darker note, there's Diamond Tiara versus the Changeling Invasion. Basically it's 'My Little Pony' meets the original 1950's 'Invaders from Mars'; Diamond Tiara, Ponyville Elementary's nastiest little bully, learns that monsters have taken over Ponyville -- and she's going to save her mother, no matter what.

There will be more in the future, hopefully including non-pony work (I got nothing against it, but I'd like to write something I'll be paid for). Best all!


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